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Thank you for considering Citadel Health Center for your primary care needs!  Our practice is nearing capacity, and we are not taking new patients at this time. We're actively seeking another like-minded doctor to join our team.  If you would like to join our waiting list for when space becomes available in our practice either with another provider or if Dr. Wesley or Dr. Susan Jevert-Eichorn decide to take on additional patients, please fill out the form below.  One of our staff members will call you in 1-2 business days to better understand your needs, answer any questions you have about our practice and add you to our waiting list if desired. By joining our waiting list, you will be granted priority when space in the practice becomes available and help us better understand the demand for this type of care in our community.  We appreciate your interest and look forward to potentially welcoming you to our patient community in the future!

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