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What our Patients say about us


I have never experienced medical care like this, before. Dr. Wesley patiently spent all the time that I needed. He demonstrated a deep knowledge and sound assessment of current research, he facilitated the conversations around what was important to me, and truly listened and answered my concerns and questions. I was also very helped by his knowledge and passion for understanding how foods affect my health. And what is so incredible to me is that I have my doctor's number to call or text if needed.

This kind of care will NOT be found through big hospital systems (which is where I came from). I truly thank the Lord that I found Citadel to guide me in caring for my health! The clinic setting was clean and quiet (and in a great location - you can get your shopping done with a short stroll!). Citadel offered me incredible prices for lab work, etc. I will never go back to the big hospital insurance-dominated system again after this visit.

Thank you Dr. Eichorn!


Drs. Wes and Susan are absolutely amazing. One of the best doctor experiences I’ve ever had. Extremely thorough, compassionate, open minded, and evidence based. They listen and truly have your best interest at heart.


Both Dr. Wesley and Dr. Susan are top notch doctors. They will be the doctors that will give you the time you deserve. They are compassionate and caring along with prompt on lab work or any other secondary care you need. I would recommend them to any family or stranger. They have changed my families life with educating us in diet and medicine. I have never felt more blessed to have found Citadel Health and I hope anyone that reads this takes a moment to contemplate their own family's primaries and analyze what type and how much care they give you, because Dr. Wesley and Dr. Susan are the types of doctors that should be taking care of your family.


I’ve taken my 2 children as well as myself to this practice. There was a whole hour allotted per person. This really allowed for great conversation and plenty of time for any and all questions. I really felt heard by Dr Susan Jevert-Eichorn and she is very personable. I’m very happy we found this practice.