What We Do

One of the biggest (and most important) differences you’ll find between us, a Direct Care practice, and other traditional family practices is the number of patients we see.  Instead of each doctor being responsible for several thousand patients, we will be responsible for only a few hundred patients.   This allows us to get to know you better and provide you the individualized care you need without dealing with insurance.

Citadel Health Center offers comprehensive medical care similar to what you would expect at typical Family Practice clinics including treatment of acute illnesses and chronic diseases for children and adults, wellness education, laboratory testing, office procedures, and coordination with specialists when needed.

With Citadel Health Center you’ll enjoy the follow benefits:

Unparalleled access

As a member, you will be given a phone number where you can call or text your doctor directly with concerns or questions.  Prefer email?  You will have your doctor's email address too!  As a bonus, telehealth visits can be done from just about anywhere!


Visits that are relaxed and as long as needed to address the issue at hand. There’s never a question you won’t have time to ask. Part of the relationship you’ll build with your doctor is based on your understanding of the options in your care–that is the goal of personalized healthcare.

Same day or next day access.

Because we have reserved our time for a select few, you won’t get “squeezed in.”

Wholesale costs on medications and labs

We negotiate great rates and pass on the savings to you. Many labs can be drawn in office for under $10 and we can fill some prescriptions right in the office!

Discounted rates on imaging such as X-ray, CT scans, and MRI

Added benefits

Most procedures that we can do in the office are included in your membership. These include: biopsies (pathology fee is separate), stitches, urinalysis, rapid strep tests, joint injections, cryotherapy (wart/skin tag removal), and more.


We do our best to make our communication and billing practices transparent.

This business model is incentivized to keep people well, compared with the typical fee-for-service insurance model where the business makes money by billing you or the insurance company for procedures, labs, medications, visits, and tests, often with hidden pricing.